5.1 Dream a little dream of me  
5.2 Dream a little dream of me  
5.3 Here comes the flood  
5.4 Brave new world  
5.5 There's no 'I' in team  
5.6 Life during wartime  
5.7 Rise up  
5.8 These ties that bind  
5.9 In the midnight hour  
5.10 All by myself  
5.11 Wish you were here  
5.12 Sympathy for the devil  
5.13 Stairway to Heaven  
5.14 Beat your heart out  
5.15 Before and after  
5.16 An honest mistake  
5.17 I will follow you into the dark  
5.18 Stand by me  
5.19 Elevator love letter  
5.20 Sweet Surrender  
5.21 No good at saying sorry (One more chance)  
5.22 What a difference a day makes   
5.23 Here's to the future   
5.24 Now or never