1.1Will & Grace (Pilot)
1.2Insieme (New Lease on Life)
1.4L'appartamento di Harlin (Between a Rock and Harlan's Place)
1.5Halloween (Boo! Humbug)
1.6Il cliente (William, Tell)
1.7Con Will o senza Will (Where There's a Will There's No Way)
1.8L'affare (The Buying Game)
1.9Il grande fratello (The Big Vent)
1.10La verità su Will e i cani (The Truth About Will & Dogs)
1.11Buon compleanno Will (Will on Ice)
1.12La sindrome di Mary Poppins (My Fair Maidy)
1.13L'inafferrabile mmma Adler (The Unsinkable Mommy Adler)
1.14Fratellone in arrivo - 1 parte (Big Brother is Coming (1))
1.15Fratellone in arrivo - 2 parte (Big Brother is Coming (2))
1.16Tuo, mio o ...nostro? (Yours, Mine or Ours)
1.17Segreti e bugie (Secrets & Lays)
1.18Grace rimpiazzata? (Grace, Replaced)
1.19Orgoglio Gay (Will Works Out)
1.20Grace in offerta speciale (Saving Grace)
1.21Darla vinta? (Alley Cats)
1.22Jack si sposa... ? (Object of My Rejection)