9.1L'equivoco (The One Where No One Proposes)
9.2Ninna nanna per Emma (The One Where Emma Cries)
9.3Il pediatra di Ross (The One With the Pediatrician)
9.4Questioni di cuore (The One With the Sharks)
9.5Cena per sei (The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner)
9.6La tata maschio (The One With the Male Nanny)
9.7La canzone piccante (The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song)
9.8L'altra sorella di Rachel (The One With Rachel's Other Sister)
9.9Le bugie hanno le gambe corte (The One With Rachel's Phone Number)
9.10A casa per Natale (The One With Christmas in Tulsa)
9.11Brutte sorprese (The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work)
9.12Topi d'appartamento (The One With Phoebe's Rats)
9.13Riflettori indiscreti (The One Where Monica Sings)
9.14Appuntamenti al buio (The One With The Blind Dates)
9.15La rapina (The One With The Mugging)
9.16Il prestito (The One With The Boob Job)
9.17Scherzi informatici (The One With The Memorial Service)
9.18La lotteria (The One With The Lottery)
9.19Suite per una notte (The One With Rachel's Dream)
9.20La sera delle stelle (The One With The Soap Opera Party)
9.21Il test della fertilità (The One With the Fertility Test)
9.22Soluzioni cercasi (The One With the Donor)
9.23Conferenza alle Barbados - 1 parte (The One In Barbados (1))
9.24Conferenza alle Barbados - 2 parte (The One In Barbados (2))
Periodo1994 - 2004