1.1Give Me a Ring Sometime (Give Me a Ring Sometime)
1.2Sam's Women (Sam's Women)
1.3The Tortelli Tort (The Tortelli Tort)
1.4Sam at Eleven (Sam at Eleven)
1.5Coach's Daughter (Coach's Daughter)
1.6Any Friend of Diane's (Any Friend of Diane's)
1.7Friends, Romans, Accountants (Friends, Romans, Accountants)
1.8Truce or Consequences (Truce or Consequences)
1.9Coach Returns to Action (Coach Returns to Action)
1.10Endless Slumper (Endless Slumper)
1.11One for the Book (One for the Book)
1.12The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One (The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One)
1.13Now Pitching, Sam Malone (Now Pitching, Sam Malone)
1.14Let Me Count the Ways (Let Me Count the Ways)
1.15Heide Perlman (Heide Perlman)
1.16The Boys in the Bar (The Boys in the Bar)
1.17Diane's Perfect Date (Diane's Perfect Date)
1.18No Contest (No Contest)
1.19Pick a Con ... Any Con (Pick a Con ... Any Con)
1.20Someone Single, Someone Blue (Someone Single, Someone Blue)
1.21Showdown (part 1) (Showdown (part 1))
1.22Showdown (part 2) (Showdown (part 2))
Periodo1982 - 1993