Recensioni (critical condition)
Mentre guarda il ragazzo di Stanford, Marcus, ballare Carrie incontra Nina Katz, la prima donna di Aidan, post-Carrie e quando Nina capisce chi è Carrie fa una faccia addolorata.
Mentre Carrie racconta della "faccia2 e si sente anche nervosa per la recensione del New York Times sul suo libro, viene a conoscenza del fatto che ormai Miranda non dorme più visto che Brady piange in continuazione, anche senza ragione e che Charlotte a causa della ex suocera è dovuta ricorrere ad un avvocato. Solo Samantha sta passando un periodo tranquillo.
Charlotte meets with her shark, a handsome attorney who's so attractive that Charlotte can't bear to expose her uglier side in the legal skirmish, so she turns to his partner, a brash, bald, slovenly but equally savvy lawyer named Harry (The West Wing's Evan Handler). Meanwhile, Samantha contends with a faulty vibrator and Miranda's troubles escalate when Brady's late-night screaming draws the ire of her neighbor, an experienced mom named Kendall (The Practice's Lisa Gay Hamilton) who leaves Miranda realizing she's never reached out to any of the other women in her condo complex.
Carrie's book gets a rave review from her favorite critic in the Times, yet she can't get past one key line he wrote about it: "The men are disposable." She turns to Miranda for sympathy, but Miranda's stressed out, feeling like she's alienated her neighbors--and her friends, as Samantha has barely acknowledged the existence of her baby. These developments leave Carrie wondering: "When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?"
Carrie tries to prod Samantha into showing more support for Miranda, but Samantha argues that "babies aren't my scene, and from what I've heard, this one sounds like an a--hole." She offers to take Brady out for a drink when he's in college and flirt with his friends. Once again Carrie runs into Nina Katz, who's about to lunch with Carrie's colleague Julia from Vogue and, no doubt, spill the beans about Aidan. She learns from Samantha that Nina's a talent booker for Saturday Night Live--now Carrie's obsessing that Nina "is telling random celebrity hosts that I'm a bad girlfriend."
Samantha heads to The Sharper Image to return her broken vibrator, only to have an uptight sales clerk insist that the store doesn't sell vibrators--it's a "neck massager." Still, her warranty is good and she picks out a replacement after sharing her expertise with several other female shoppers who are searching for the perfect, er, neck massager.
Technology also comes to Miranda's aid when Kendall brings over a oscillating chair that finally pacifies Brady, but it's the human touch that counts when Kendall assures Miranda that she's not a bad mother, and that her single girlfriends can't help much because they just don't have any baby knowledge.
Samantha shows up at Miranda's apartment and shoos her off to a salon appointment, offering to watch the baby. Things go awry when the oscillating chair breaks down and the screaming begins anew, but Samantha finds a novel solution: she uses the brand-new vibrator to provide the oscillation, and Brady is happy as a clam.
Charlotte finally has her legal smackdown with Bunny, who fiercely attacks her for bailing on her marriage to Trey and offers little more than an antique coin collection. Although she desperately wants to keep her apartment, Charlotte doesn't want to fight anymore and is about to throw in the towel. Fortunately, her trump card arrives in the form of a telegram from Trey in Scotland, praising her as a wife and insisting that big bad Bunny give her anything she wishes. It was one review that really counted: Charlotte can keep her home.
Carrie consults Miranda's ex and Aidan's pal Steve, who confesses that Aidan took the breakup badly and couldn't get out of bed for a month. "He lost his ability to open up and trust women," says Steve, which only leaves Carrie more distraught. On a stroll with Stanford to one of Nina's man-hunting haunts in hopes of finding her critic, Carrie's obsession finally causes Stanford to boil over when she blows off his question about her opinion of his boyfriend.
Carrie runs into Nina--hanging with Heather Graham (playing herself), who makes that same face when she learns who Carrie is--and makes a heartfelt speech explaining that she never meant to hurt Aidan and that he was certainly not disposable. Nina seems to get the picture, and Carrie breathes easier as she walks off to spend the rest of the day giving Stanford her considered review of his new man.
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