1.1 Something Wicca This Way Comes  
1.2 I've Got You Under My Skin  
1.3 Thank You For Not Morphing  
1.4 Dead Man Dating  
1.5 Dream sorcerer  
1.6 Wedding from hell  
1.7 The fourth sister  
1.8 The Truth Is Out There...And It Hurts  
1.9 The witch is back  
1.10 Wicca envy  
1.11 Feats of Clay  
1.12 The Wendigo  
1.13 From Fear to Eternity  
1.14 Secrets and guys  
1.15 Is there a woogy man in the house?  
1.16 Which Prue Is It, Anyway?  
1.17 That '70s Episode  
1.18 When Bad Warlocks Go Good  
1.19 Out of Sight  
1.20 The power of two  
1.21 Love hurts  
1.22 Déjà vu all ocer again