1.1Pilot (Pilot)
1.2Putting Out Fires (Putting Out Fires)
1.3Brother's Keeper (Brother's Keeper)
1.4Past Tense (Past Tense)
1.5Haunted (Haunted)
1.6Star Crossed (Star Crossed)
1.7Morning After (Morning After)
1.8Closure (Closure)
1.9Murder in the Morgue (Murder in the Morgue)
1.10Reunion (Reunion)
1.11The Longest Day (The Longest Day)
1.12Valentine (Valentine)
1.13Drop Dead Gorgeous (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
1.14Daddy's Girl (Daddy's Girl)
1.15The Getaway (The Getaway)
1.16Death Becomes Her (Death Becomes Her)
1.17Two Pair (Two Pair)
1.18Rear Window (Rear Window)
1.19D.O.A. (D.O.A.)
1.20Two Weddings and a Funeral (Two Weddings and a Funeral)