2.1Next (Next)
2.2You Could Drive a Person Crazy (You Could Drive a Person Crazy)
2.3You'll Never Get Away From Me (You'll Never Get Away From Me)
2.4My Heart Belongs To Daddy (My Heart Belongs To Daddy)
2.5They Asked Me Why I Believe In You (They Asked Me Why I Believe In You)
2.6I Wish I Could Forget You (I Wish I Could Forget You)
2.7Color and Light (Color and Light)
2.8The Sun Won't Set (The Sun Won't Set)
2.9That's Good, That's Bad (That's Good, That's Bad)
2.10Coming Home (Coming Home)
2.11One More Kiss (One More Kiss)
2.12We're Gonna Be All Right (We're Gonna Be All Right)
2.13There's Something About a War (There's Something About a War)
2.14Silly People (Silly People)
2.15Thank You So Much (Thank You So Much)
2.16There Is No Other Way (There Is No Other Way)
2.17Could I Leave You? (Could I Leave You?)
2.18Everybody Say Don't (Everybody Say Don't)
2.19Don't Look At Me (Don't Look At Me)
2.20It Wasn't Mean To Happen (It Wasn't Mean To Happen)
2.21I Know Thing Now (I Know Thing Now)
2.22No One Is Alone (No One Is Alone)
2.23Remeber / The Two Hour Season Finale (Remeber / The Two Hour Season Finale)
CreatoreMarc Cherry e Charles Pratt