1.1Pilot (Pilot)
1.2Ah, But Underneath (Ah, But Underneath)
1.3Pretty Little Picture (Pretty Little Picture)
1.4Who's that Woman? (Who's that Woman?)
1.5Come in, Stranger (Come in, Stranger)
1.6Running to Stand Still (Running to Stand Still)
1.7Anything You Can Do (Anything You Can Do)
1.8Guilty (Guilty)
1.9Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Minds)
1.10Come Back to Me (Come Back to Me)
1.11Move On (Move On)
1.12Every Day a Little Death (Every Day a Little Death)
1.13Your Fault (Your Fault)
1.14Love Is in the Air (Love Is in the Air)
1.15Impossible (Impossible)
1.16The Ladies Who Lunch (The Ladies Who Lunch)
1.17There Won't Be Trumpets (There Won't Be Trumpets)
1.18Children Will Listen (Children Will Listen)
1.19Unexpected Song (Unexpected Song)
1.20Fear No More (Fear No More)
1.21Sunday in the Park with George (Sunday in the Park with George)
1.22Goodbye For Now (Goodbye For Now)
1.23One Wonderful Day (One Wonderful Day)
CreatoreMarc Cherry e Charles Pratt