6.1 Deja Vu  
6.3 Old Acquaintance  
6.4 The Kona Winds  
6.5 The Hotel Dick  
6.6 Round And Around  
6.7 Going Home  
6.8 Paniolo  
6.9 The Treasure Of Kalaniopu'u  
6.10 Blood And Honor  
6.11 Rapture  
6.12 I Never Wanted To Go To France, Anyway  
6.13 Summer School  
6.15 All Thieves On Deck  
6.16 This Island Isn't Big Enough  
6.17 Way Of The Stalking Horse  
6.18 Find Me A Rainbow  
6.19 Who Is Don Luis Higgins... and Why Is He Doing These Terrible Things To Me?  
6.20 A Little Bit Of Luck... A Little Bit Of Grief  
6.21 Photo Play