2.1 Ringing up baby  
2.2 It takes a village  
2.3 Turn turn turn  
2.4 Nozze di carta  
2.5 Unarmed and dangerous  
2.6 A closet full of hell  
2.7 Valet Girl  
2.8 Like, Dharma's totally got a date  
2.9 Brought to you in DharmaVision  
2.10 Yes, we have no bananas (or Anything else for that matter)  
2.11 The house that Dharma built  
2.12 Are you ready for some football?  
2.13 Death and violins  
2.14 Dharma and Greg on a hot tin roof  
2.15 Dharma and the horse she rode in on  
2.16 See Dharma run  
2.17 Run, Dharma, run  
2.18 See Dharma run amok  
2.19 Everybody must get stones  
2.20 Dharma drags Edward out of retirement  
2.21 It never happened one night  
2.22 Bed, bath and beyond  
2.23 A girl can dream, can't she?  
2.24 The dating game