3.1Busted (Busted)
3.2The awful truth (The awful truth)
3.3Kind of blue (Kind of blue)
3.4Acting out (Acting out)
3.5Destiny turns on the radio (Destiny turns on the radio)
3.6Jake and the women (Jake and the women)
3.7Chaos theory (Chaos theory)
3.8The Sex Show (The Sex Show)
3.9Tough Love (Tough Love)
3.10Pictures (Pictures)
3.11Taking Sides (Taking Sides)
3.12Gardenia (Gardenia)
3.13Falling in Place (Falling in Place)
3.14The Gay-Straight Alliance (The Gay-Straight Alliance)
3.15One Step (Parent) Backward (One Step (Parent) Backward)
3.16Aaron's List of Dreams (Aaron's List of Dreams)
3.17Experience Is the Teacher (Experience Is the Teacher)
3.18Losing You (Losing You)
3.19Chance of a Lifetime (Chance of a Lifetime)
Periodo1999 - 2002
CreatoreMarshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick
Episodi63 episodi (3 stagioni)