2.1It's alive (It's alive)
2.2Waiting to exhale (Waiting to exhale)
2.3An incovenient lie (An incovenient lie)
2.4See-through (See-through)
2.5The dark defender (The dark defender)
2.6Dexter, lies and videotapes (Dexter, lies and videotapes)
2.7That night, a forest grew (That night, a forest grew)
2.8Morning comes (Morning comes)
2.9Resistance is futile (Resistance is futile)
2.10There's something about Harry (There's something about Harry)
2.11Left turn ahead (Left turn ahead)
2.12The British invasion (The British invasion)
CreatoreJeff Lindsay
ProduzioneDaniel Cerone - Clyde Phillips - John Goldwyn - Sara Colleton
Episodi12 episodi - Una stagione - IN PRODUZIONE