5.1Friends and Lovers (Friends and Lovers)
5.2Judge Ling (Judge Ling)
5.3Neutral Corners (Neutral Corners)
5.4Fear of Flirting (Fear of Flirting)
5.5I Want Love (I Want Love)
5.6Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
5.7Nine One One (Nine One One)
5.8Playing with Matches (Playing with Matches)
5.9Blowin' in the Wind (Blowin' in the Wind)
5.10One Hundred Tears (One Hundred Tears)
5.11A Kick in the Head (A Kick in the Head)
5.12The New Day (The New Day)
5.13Woman (Woman)
5.14Homecoming (Homecoming)
5.15Heart and Soul (Heart and Soul)
5.16Love Is All Around (Love Is All Around)
5.18Tom Dooley (Tom Dooley)
5.19Another One Bites The Dust (Another One Bites The Dust)
5.20What I'll Never Do for Love Again (What I'll Never Do for Love Again)
5.21All of Me (All of Me)
5.22Bygones (Bygones)
Periodo1997 - 2002
CreatoreDavid E. Kelley
Episodi112 (5 stagioni) da 45 minuti