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Il sito offre, oltre ai modelli di lettera da spedire agli interessati (Paramount, Viacom, CBS, UPN) anche un forum, dove è venuta fuori l'idea di una sottoscrizione mondiale di tutti gli appassionati che darebbero la possibilità di iniziare (od anche portare a termine) la quinta stagione di Enterprise, magari spostandola da UPN ad un altro canale (non è possibile che gli ascolti medi siano intorno ai 3 milioni, in un Paese come gli USA che fa quasi 300 milioni di abitanti - sempre che le rilevazioni Nielsen siano adeguate), attendendo i risultati di ascolto della syndication americana e quelli negli altri Paesi. La faccenda è andata molto avanti, siamo già oltre la definizione legale della sottoscrizione, ed è quasi pronta a partire!!!

Serve anche qualche soldo per una pubblicità su USA Today:

Se è solo un problema di soldi, lo possiamo risolvere, salvando quest'ottimo (ed in costante miglioramento) show (lo so che ha "qualche problemino", ma dalla terza stagione in poi è migliorato).

Un'altra iniziativa è quella di scrivere a Sci-Fi Channel, chiedendo di comprare e trasmettere Enterprise, come hanno fatto per altre serie date per spacciate (per esempio, Stargate).

Lettera Sci-Fi Channel N° 1

Dear Sirs,
As you are well aware, UPN recently announced the planned cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise this coming May 2005.
As a sci-fi fan of many shows, I was wondering about the feasibility of the Sci-Fi Channel picking up Star Trek: Enterprise for it is remaining three seasons. Not only would you be picking up a great sci-fi show, but one in a long-list of great legend-making programs. Star Trek is not just a part of our entertainment world; it is part of our pop culture. One cannot go far, even outside of sci-fi, and see references to Star Trek.
In my opinion, this series is very good and really "trek" - in certain episodes, it recalls the difficult themes and the doubts faced in the Original Series. Closing Enterprise could only be a great loss for everybody everywhere in the world. We need to keep Enterprise alive, nowadays even more than ever, because it reminds us what we could be and become if we use the best part of ourselves.
Moreover, and on a pragmatic side, let's face it, it would be a benefit to your network for you to rescue Star Trek: Enterprise. The fans would definitely love you for it, but I think your most obvious payback would be the advertisers.
Think about it, product exposure during a show that you saved from extinction would not only reap product loyalty for the sponsors, but also return business for more ads for the Sci-Fi Channel.
In closing, let me just briefly mention your successes with revitalizing Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica, as well as adding Stargate: Atlantis. Pull off a miracle one more time: save Star Trek: Enterprise.
Save Enterprise, help us all!!!
Thank you for your attention!
Kind regards

Lettera Sci-Fi Channel N° 2
To SCI FI Channel Programming and Executives

I am writing in regards to the cancellation of the cult TV series Star Trek: Enterprise by the UPN network. I along with millions of others feel that UPN has served us a great injustice.
I am writing in order to ask if your network would take a serious look at saving this great television series. With UPN's official Cancellation of this program, this gives your network the chance to pick up an original first run Star Trek series. Paramount has announced that they will not shop this series, but under the mountain of letters from disgruntled fans, we feel that their minds could change, particularly if another network such as yourselves shows interest in taking up the production of the series for the final (and best) three years Star Trek: Enterprise has left to run.
The SCI FI Channel is the best channel currently on TV, and you have a record for saving great shows after they have been rudely cancelled by others (e.g Stargate SG1). Stargate SG1 and now Stargate Atlantis have been great successes for your network. Star Trek fans all over the world feel that Star Trek: Enterprise should belong to the SCI FI Channel, we feel you have integrity and treat your loyal viewers with respect.
There is currently a HUGE campaign happening amongst the fans of Star Trek and Star Trek: Enterprise to save the show. We are dearly asking for your help, we know that on your network, Star Trek: Enterprise will be a huge success worldwide. Star Trek: Enterprise would grow and thrive on your network. Not only that you would attract a legion of loyal and devoted Star Trek fans to your network, exposing them to your advertising and introducing them to many science fiction programs they may not otherwise watch. This is the caliber of people I believe you need to target, and saving Star Trek: Enterprise will bring them over to your network in the millions, guaranteed!!!
You no doubt are aware of the cult following of Star Trek, and Star Trek: Enterprise is no different. After UPN announced its cancellation of the show, fans from all over America and all over the world have taken up the battle to save this brilliant show! You would not believe what has been happening! There have been petitions, thousands of letters, emails, faxes, phone calls you name it to UPN and other affiliations with messages of disgust and outrage over the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise and this is only after two days!! By the end of the week they will be flooded in letters guaranteed. The petitions to keep this show running are being signed faster then the page can be renewed, take some time to look at the comments of the loyal fans, you will also see how much people love this show and how much these fans want your network to take on the production of Star Trek: Enterprise, because we trust you. Here are the links to two such petitions: and Also take some time to visit: this group is fighting hard for Enterprise, take a moment to glance the forums, you will see the level of passion people have for this program, this is the level of passion you want on your network.
The Star Trek franchise is worth billions. At this uncertain time, the SCI FI Channel would be wise to seriously consider taking this series on board. It is understood that it is expensive to make a Star Trek episode, but with the level of fan support (despite what the Nielsen ranking shows, it only samples a very small percent of the population and doesn't even consider the people who watch this series overseas. Star Trek: Enterprise is popular in over 30 countries, including Australia where it is shown on two different networks simultaneously) you can not go wrong. Star Trek: Enterprise maybe expensive to make, but the reward for making this great show will be even greater! You will make your money back easily and then some, because there is literally no other television series in the world that has such a dedicated and loyal fan base which spans generations! Name me one other program that has been around for 40 years which appeals not only to the young but also the old, and has people wanting to bring their children up watching it, just like they were bought up watching it? There are no others, I can assure you.
If you have reached this part of my letter, I thank you dearly for listening to what I have to say. Once again we ask you please seriously consider saving this cult series Star Trek: Enterprise! If you do, Star Trek fans the world over would be eternally grateful and the SCI FI Channel will forever be known as the Savior of Star Trek! Unlike UPN who will be forever known as the network that killed Star Trek, not a nice title at all, but to millions it is fact.
This is an opportunity the SCI FI Channel can not pass up! Please help us save Star Trek: Enterprise!
Yours Sincerely

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